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Tara Turner

Tara Turner

Penticton, BC


I am a fine art photographer and digital artist who has a driving passion to capture the beauty of my surrounding environment, whether it be a misty landscape, a moody sky or an old brick wall with a hundred stories to tell. I focus on combining my two favourite genres of photography- landscape and urban. By merging these two mediums I hope to make a statement about how as people we affect the environment around us. As well I hope to evoke emotion by creating a visually appealing, unique and imaginative piece of work, as ultimately in the end, some things can't only been seen...they must be felt

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The Similkameen Valley

Urban Collage

Beautiful Distortions

The Kootneys

Pretty in Pink

Digital Art

Urban Abstracts

Molokai Hawaii

Myra Canyon

Texture Art

Just Jasper

Yellow Lake

White Lake & White Lake Trail System

Mystery of Fog and Mist

Canyonlands National Park

The Okanagan- I Love Where I Live

Olympic National Park Washington USA

Arches National Park

The Grand Canyon

Beautiful Banff and Area

Dry Falls Washington USA

Autumn Magic

Stay For A While

Abstracts from Nature


The Warmth of Winter

Twisted Trees and Funky Trees

Urban Photography


Flowers Leaves and Pretty Things

Lake Seascapes and Rivers

Romantic Reflections

When Colour Dreams in Black and White

The Art of Simplicity

The Road Less Travelled

Simple Silhouettes

Crossing Over